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inyourcart's Journal

Product Reviews
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Product Reviews
I hate wondering through the stores, knowing I need something but being scared to try something new. So, I had the idea to start up this community. Members review products and other members get some insight on whether the product is any good :]

this is the obligatory RULES post! please follow them to make life easier for everyone :) Yes, you must be a member to post here and yes, I must approve entries BUT! this is just to make sure they are tagged correctly and in the correct form, not so I can pick and choose what gets posted.

1. use the following form, when submitting reviews:
your name:
product name:
product type:
rating: #/10
(optional) was there a different brand you've used that is better than this one?:

2. I'm not asking for perfect grammar, but please don't use internet speak. "lolz dis pr0duct wuz awsum!" A lot of people absolutely hate that and I don't want people turned off of the community because of this.

3. You don't have to write a novel for the "review" but just make sure you thoroughly explain why you liked it or didn't.

4. TAG ALL ENTRIES!!! Use one of the following tags [what is in brackets is just an explanation of what would be in that category!]:

cleaning [includes cleaners and sponge-type things]
food [any and all food/drink]
healthcare [toothpaste, face wash, soap, shampoo, etc]
household [random stuff that is used around the house]
linen [sheets, towels, etc]
kitchen [pots, pans, utensils--anything that can be found in the kitchen]
paper [ANYTHING paper-toilet, towels, etc]

If you think of any other tags, simply submit your product review and leave me a note about it.

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