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25th-Sep-2008 10:34 pm - Armoural Cleaning Wipes
your name: Kristyn
product name: Armor All Protection Wipes
product type: Car Cleaner
price: 4.99
review: I LOVE these. They are far more convenient than the spray, in my opinion. They come in 25 wipes or 50. I bought the 25 quantity. Although Armor All has another wipe specifically for cleaning, these honestly work just fine for cleaning scruff marks on your car door and basic stuff like that. The wipes leave your surfaces clean, sleek and shiny. There are a couple of drawbacks, though. I wouldn't describe it as greasy, but there is a kind of wetness to it. While it makes it look pretty, it makes the steering wheel, obviously, kind of slippery. So you might want to avoid wiping it if you will be driving soon after. Also, the dispenser-type lid that you pull the wipe from is very flimsy and two out of the three times I've bought these, I've broken it, which means that they dry up. So just be careful!
rating: 7/10

25th-Sep-2025 10:11 pm - PRIMERO ;
this is the obligatory RULES post! please follow them to make life easier for everyone :) Yes, you must be a member to post here and yes, I must approve entries BUT! this is just to make sure they are tagged correctly and in the correct form, not so I can pick and choose what gets posted.

1. use the following form, when submitting reviews:
your name:
product name:
product type:
rating: #/10
(optional) was there a different brand you've used that is better than this one?:

2. I'm not asking for perfect grammar, but please don't use internet speak. "lolz dis pr0duct wuz awsum!" A lot of people absolutely hate that and I don't want people turned off of the community because of this.

3. You don't have to write a novel for the "review" but just make sure you thoroughly explain why you liked it or didn't.

4. TAG ALL ENTRIES!!! Use one of the following tags [what is in brackets is just an explanation of what would be in that category!]:

cleaning [includes cleaners and sponge-type things]
food [any and all food/drink]
linen [sheets, towels, etc]
kitchen [pots, pans, utensils--anything that can be found in the kitchen]
paper [ANYTHING paper-toilet, towels, etc]

I know I'm forgetting some. if you can think of any other tags, either comment this entry or tell me in your entry.
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