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Product Reviews
McCormick Peach Vodka 
8th-Dec-2008 01:50 am
your name: Kristyn
product name: McCormick Peach Vodka
product type: drink
review: I really did not enjoy this. My best friend bought it for his girlfriend, me and another best friend to share one night at a party at my dorm. The first shot I took of it, I didn't really taste anything horrible about it, but after that, it tasted different. It doesn't have a very distinguished peach flavor at all. I tried mixing it with quite a few different things and nothing happened. But, it did the "job" and the next day two out of the three of us were hungover ;) I will definitely skip this kind next time. We even still have some left over. But, I will say, I do enjoy their bottles. The handle is very convenient for pouring.
rating: 2/10

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