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Spaghetti Classics 
6th-Dec-2008 12:36 am
your name: Kristyn
product name: Spaghetti Classics: Tangy Italian
product type: food
review: I think a lot of people would be nervous to try boxed spaghetti. But, I was surprised. This stuff is really good. The noodles leave a little to be desired (they're kind of sticky and clumped together). But, the spaghetti seasoning (mix it in with a can of tomato paste) is really good. It does take awhile to "mix" right, so make sure you put the paste + seasoning together with plenty of time before the noodles. When my grandma makes it, she includes meatballs, but I've eaten it plain and it's really good (plus relatively healthy--only 2 grams of fat for a relatively large portion!)
rating: 8/10

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