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21st-Jan-2009 03:41 am - damselinthisdress's corsets
I apologise if this is the wrong community for it, but I really felt the urge to post this somewhere, and I hope it's alright.

Product Type: Clothing

[NOTE: If you don't wish to read this entire in-depth account of my experience, you can skip to the last paragraph for my recommendation.]

Begin explanatory introductory paragraph. Last week some unexpected car trouble forced me to remove the battery in twenty-degree weather so it could be recharged. My last pair of gloves (some pink and purple things with hearts on them; no great loss) were needless to say ruined by the engine grease. Shopping online has desensitized me to Walmart, so a few days later, I was lethargically surfing Etsy, a wonderful site devoted exclusively to the buying and selling of things handmade or vintage, looking in vain for some knit or crocheted gloves with fingers. My short attention span meant I was quickly drooling over something I've no need for (spats), which led without much effort to corsets.

I had, a few months ago, fallen hard for the corsets Michelle (damselinthisdress) designs and makes, but decided with a heavy heart that they were an unnecessary indulgence. Stumbling upon them again seemed like fate, and I couldn't resist the breathtaking colours and curves twice. I hesitated, of course, double-checked the sizing, and someone else snagged the patchwork skirt I really liked. However, as they say, with every door that closes there is another that opens, so I rearranged my shopping cart, added a bustle skirt I'd been vascillating over, and with a few clicks, had it bought and paid for.

At which point the fun began. I had bought a red corset, because of the amazing price, despite red generally washing me out. Just after the payment was confirmed, I got a message from Michelle: she had realised when packaging my order that the corset would be three inches too large, and she  was out of that fabric (thus the sale price), so would I mind terribly if she subsituted a green one she had on hand? She attached photos of the new corset with the skirt I had bought:
Under Here.Collapse )

Don't judge me, friends, for jumping on it.

This was late Tuesday night, and she had it shipped Wednesday morning. It arrived two days later, in a box smaller than I thought could hold such beauty, but nothing was squashed - quite the contrary. They were packaged very nicely, folded neatly with 'care and feeding' cards for the corsets. (Yes, plural; I'll get to that.) Each piece had a tag, slightly larger than a business card, attatched with contact and custom order information. I gave them to friend and family along with my strongest recommendation.

I had ordered two Peasant Pirate Blouses (pictured in all of her corset photos, but she sells them separately), the Rust Empire Corsair Tailed Corset, and the Deep Gold Mini Bustle Skirt. What arrived was one Peasant Pirate Blouse, the Green Empire Corsair Tailed Corset, the Deep Gold Mini Bustle Skirt, and a Gold Underbust Corset. Along with the care and feeding instructions there was a copy of the Etsy invoice, with a handwritten note:

Hello, lovely!
I added a corset for your waist for free, just because I thought it would realy complete the whole look!

I had been intending to custom-order an underbust corset, since she didn't have on in my size in her online shop, so I could have the 'whole look'. Colour me shocked to find out she both recognised my desire and was sweet enough to help me achieve it with a gift.

She didn't mention the missing blouse, an accident I'm sure, and ordinarily I'd be the first to gasp in outrage, but after such a generous gesture there's not a chance I'm opening my mouth to say a harsh word about her. Because even if you count the price of the blouse, I 'bought' the corset for nearly two-thirds off retail price. I was ecstatic, completely ready to recommend her to everyone I knew.

Very similar to this.Collapse )

And then I wore the corset.

I put on the entire outfit, then added jeans because I wasn't quite comfortable showing so much pasty thigh, and made my way to a friend's house. Her sisters and mother were there, and they all ooh'd and ahh'd as I twirled and generally felt like a cacological queen. I had my friend take a few photos while I yammered on about how she really ought to get  one of Michelle's corsets, and then hurried back home to get dressed for work.

For those of you who don't know, I'm a waitress. I spend hours a day on my feet and come home to an uncomfortable futon mattress, so I consider a certain amount of back pain irrevocable. Although neither the bustle nor the tailed corset would have fit under my uniform, the underbust corset was practically invisible, holding my back straight and shaping my figure for more than six hours. Michelle promises comfort, but it's difficult to believe with the mental image of Keira Knightly fainting playing in your mind at the word 'corset'. I myself was skeptical, and felt a bit of satisfaction mingled with my disappointment when after working for a few hours I noticed a painful rubbing on my side. Imagine my shock when I looked in the bathroom at the sore spot and realised the rubbing had been caused by my bra and not the corset.

More than six hours of hurrying about, taking orders and carrying food and greeting customers and clearing tables, and I don't have a single complaint. You can't bend at the waist, true, but it's easy enough to get around that necessity by kneeling or bending at the hips. And sitting isn't the most comfortable thing in the world, either, but it certainly isn't uncomfortable, and the extra length is what gives the wearer such a full hourglass shape, so it's not as if it's something you would want to change. Not only could I breathe in the corset, I could breathe deeply, without loosening the ties at all.

I took the corset off when I got home, but I noticed that wearing it had an effect on my posture - for the better. All day, I found myself noticing I was holding my back straighter, my head higher, my shoulders back.

I almost immediately bought some footless tights for the outfit - they should be here in a few days - and I'm making my own Renaissance boots, so by the time my local fair rolls around in April I'll be all very decked out and in an exited frenzy, I'm sure.

I went out on a limb, 'risked' money on something I had never tried before, but it was the customer reviews that won me over. I don't regret one penny that I spent and though I'm sure no-one else would have the exact same experience, I am certain Michelle will bring the same helpful, understanding attitude toward any order. I can't swear to her sainthood, but if any religious leader reads this review and accepts my recommendation, I'm sure she'll be nominated. The customer service is fantastic, the price - even retail - is more than reasonable, and the product is worth six times what she's asking. She has devoted her life not only to her patterns and her materials, but also to her customer base. I don't know Michelle personally (though I hope that changes in the future), and she didn't ask for a review. I'm simply a very satisfied customer who thinks she ought to receive back what she gives to women everywhere: happiness and hope.

What are you waiting for? See for yourself!

Website: www.damseldress.com
Etsy shop: damselinthisdress.etsy.com
Ebay shop: stores.ebay.com/Damsel-in-this-Dress-Corsets

Rating: 10/10
24th-Dec-2008 10:02 pm - Scotch Gift Wrap Cutter
your name: Kristyn
product name: Scotch Gift Wrap Cutter
product type: household
review: My mom loves wrapping presents, and is very into presentation. She likes trying new gadgets like this, so she picked one up last year and loves it. You put the blade (that is covered by plastic so it's not exposed!) up to the paper and push it through. It cuts clean and it's fairly easy to keep it straight. It also serves as ribbon curler. And while you can do the same job with scissors, the gift wrap cutter is much more comfortable and convieniant.
rating: 9/10

8th-Dec-2008 01:50 am - McCormick Peach Vodka
your name: Kristyn
product name: McCormick Peach Vodka
product type: drink
review: I really did not enjoy this. My best friend bought it for his girlfriend, me and another best friend to share one night at a party at my dorm. The first shot I took of it, I didn't really taste anything horrible about it, but after that, it tasted different. It doesn't have a very distinguished peach flavor at all. I tried mixing it with quite a few different things and nothing happened. But, it did the "job" and the next day two out of the three of us were hungover ;) I will definitely skip this kind next time. We even still have some left over. But, I will say, I do enjoy their bottles. The handle is very convenient for pouring.
rating: 2/10

6th-Dec-2008 12:36 am - Spaghetti Classics
your name: Kristyn
product name: Spaghetti Classics: Tangy Italian
product type: food
review: I think a lot of people would be nervous to try boxed spaghetti. But, I was surprised. This stuff is really good. The noodles leave a little to be desired (they're kind of sticky and clumped together). But, the spaghetti seasoning (mix it in with a can of tomato paste) is really good. It does take awhile to "mix" right, so make sure you put the paste + seasoning together with plenty of time before the noodles. When my grandma makes it, she includes meatballs, but I've eaten it plain and it's really good (plus relatively healthy--only 2 grams of fat for a relatively large portion!)
rating: 8/10

your name: Kristyn
product name: Herbal Essences: Dangerously Straight
product type: Healthcare
review: We all love the Herbal Essences line. They are constantly coming out with new ones, so we try a different one every time we need new shampoo/conditioner. This product had a very nice smell to it, and it certainly did it's cleaning job--but not the "dangerously straight" part. My hair has a bit of wave at the end so I straighten it every morning. I wasn't looking for a fix-all by any means; in no way did I think that it would leave my hair "pin straight", despite its tagline. But I saw no difference in the wave, at all. I would probably buy the product just because it is a nice shampoo and left my hair feeling clean and all that, but I was disappointed that I saw no added benefits from it like its tagline promises.
rating: 6/10

14th-Nov-2008 01:31 pm - Electric Mint Toothpaste
your name: Kristyn
product name: Electric Mint Colgate Toothpate
product type: Healthcare
review: My youngest sister is in love with the color lime green. So when we were at the store yesterday and she saw it, she would not let it go unless we got THAT kind, despite me and my other sister being seriously freaked out by lime green toothpaste. Well...It's interesting. It can't decide if it wants to be fruity or mint. And some toothpastes are suppose to be fruity but minty but I really think the makers of this were quite confused. The title of it-"Electric mint"-doesn't say that it shouldn't be any flavor other than very minty, right? It has a slightly apple, limish, coconut-ish flavor. Sound weird? It is. It's not disgusting, it's just weird. It does to the freshening and cleaning job. My Lime Green sister said today, "Let's not buy this again, okay?" Okay.
rating: 6/10

toothpaste lolz
your name: Kristyn
product name: Jumbo Rigatoni w/ Meatballs
product type: Food
review: Lean Cuisine has come out with entries with more food. Which is good because I'm trying to lose weight and some of their meals are so skimpy. But this one, I was full about half-way through and only has 8 grams of fat. It takes like 9 minutes to cook, though, as opposed to the usual 4-5 minutes but really, that's a small sacrifice but a decent meal. I loved the little vegetable slivers mixed in with the noodles. The sauce and meatballs are also good. Definitely one of the better Lean Cuisine meals I've had.
rating: 10/10

23rd-Oct-2008 09:35 pm - Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator
your name: Kristyn
product name: Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator
product type: Cleaning
review: In a household with six people, we go through a ton of towels. I probably do 6+ loads of towels a week, because we do smaller loads. I do smaller loads because the towels were getting that yucky mildow-y smell from not being dried properly. So, my mom picked up this in hopes that it would help the (small, it wasn't a really strong smell by any means) problem. It didn't. I used an entire bottle and then mom picked up a smaller one that was on sale, and I noticed no difference. My biggest issue with it, is how fast it went. It's not concentrated and has the consistency of water, so it does not last. Also, I have a feeling it doesn't work very well because, since it is such a thin consistency, it slips through the tiny holes inside the washer that collects the water. It's also pretty expensive--nearly $8.
rating: 2/10

2nd-Oct-2008 09:15 pm - Neutrogena Wave
your name: Kristyn
product name: Neutrogena Wave
product type: healthcare [acne]
price: 13.99 for actual wave; 7.99 for refills
review: I picked this up in June after hearing really good things about it. I've been relatively good about keeping up with it; there was about a month period where I completely forgot to pick up re-fills, ha, so I fell off the wagon, but otherwise I remember to do it once a day, at night before I had to bed. I love the very clean feeling it gives to my face. It makes my skin soft and it FEELS cleaner. However, it's doing nothing for the actual zits. I don't have many by any means, but the ones I do are quite annoying and constant. I had high hopes for this product. For now I will continue to use it until I decide on another product to try.
rating: 6/10

26th-Sep-2008 06:32 pm - Chicken Bacon Ranch Flatbread Melt
your name: Kristyn
product name: Lean Cuisine Chicken Bacon Ranch FLatbread Melt
product type: food [diet]
price: Don't remember =/
review: To say the least, this was bad. The "ranch" doesn't taste like ranch at all-and it's so thick it's almost disconcerting. It's more like an pasta sauce than a ranch dressing. The chicken was actually good, it had a good flavour, but there's really not much in the sandwich. The bacon was...well, bacon. Nothing good or bad about it. Mostly because of the ranch, I couldn't eat the sandwich. The flatbread wasn't too bad a taste, but the inside of the flatbread is 90% ranch and the rest of the 10% was little bits of chicken and even tinier bits of bacon and veggies. It's nothing like the cover image.
rating: 2/10

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